About Card Expo 2017

About The Event

With each passing year, more and more Nigerians are attracted to the amazing possibilities of cashless payment channels. This is particularly strong amongst millennials ( those under 33 years ). In Nigeria, this group represents 52.8% and is responsible for 62% of cards, POS and internet banking transactions across board. This group represents a compel l i n g mar k et ( i n t er ms of percentage of total market size) when it comes to adoption and usage of payment technologies however, over 50 percent of Nigerians from this age group prefer not carrying cash at all while more than 85 percent own a smartphone.

Why Attend

  • • Identify developments across the markets demographics and gain insights for business adaptation.
  • It helps you as a payment stakeholder to be able to have access to the mind of this huge massive force.
  • Learn about the future culture of banking and payment, indeed the future is here
  • Learn how tapping into the energy of the moment can improve your business performance
  • Learn new and innovative business models by networking and learning from businesses across borders and territories
  • Find smart minds to collaborate with or employ (there are many youth out there who will blow your mind.)

The changing trends and shift in millennial lifestyle patterns exposes a huge opportunity for the payment marketplace. We observed a total behavioural departure by this new breed of future citizens towards the technology is being used as the centerpiece of their existence. The millennial generation, now entering into marketplace will reshape the world of commerce and enterprise. Are you ready?