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About Card Expo Africa 2015

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While the payments landscape has evolved rapidly over the past decade, due to a flurry of innovation and regulation, expansive growth in electronic payments and the inclusion of new market entrants, industry research indicates that the next decade will yield a period of even faster changes. In the traditional electronic payments sector the weak national economies across Africa continues to drive cost efficiencies in both domestic and international payments systems. International trade expansion and globalisation are growing the demands for cross border payments while the rapidly changing demands of corporates, non-banks and banks for lower, reduced fees and improved services will increase pressure on traditional payments models to rationalise. The retail payments sector is already undergoing major change primarily as a result of the disruptive impact of ecommerce mobile and tablets. There is a rapid development of new payment concepts and business structures which will displace traditional cash and other forms of payments.

Consumers, banks, merchants and regulators are having to realign their visions and rethink commercial models. The future promises to deliver a rapidly changing payments landscape as increasing convergence, integration and ecommerce and mobile technology radically change the shape of the payments market place. Over the next five to seven years, retail and wholesale payments are expected to mature into highly automated and interactive eco-systems. Of particular importance, and a new opportunity for banks, will be the growth in the use of traditional electronic ACH payments in the retail sector. This is beginning to happen in Nigeria with the NIBBS instant payment platform. Electronic and the newly emerging alternative payments (e-AP)3 have an increasingly important role to play in enabling banks to displace cash and cheque transactions over the next decade as e-commerce grows and m payment accelerates rapidly. Innovation and new developments will be the key drivers for change over the next five to seven years.

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Card, ATM & Mobile Expo Africa 2015 will focus greatly on the future payment vision, the assumption that underlines the vision and how innovation will drive the process. The conference and exhibition will also focus on new users as well as the service delivery strategy that will deliver the future of payments.
At this Conference and Exhibition, top card and epayment experts will be sharing inside strategies on positioning and enhancing your card business to ensure your spot in the rapidly evolving Card Ecosystem. Merchants, Issuers, Financial Institutions, and Solution Provider. Hear first-hand, in rapidfire panel debates, a holistic idea exchange around the industry’s and most pressing issues.
We have also put together Demo Sessions for pitches by young developers of brilliant “out of the box” payment technologies who will have the opportunity to present and demonstrate their innovative solutions. Only solutions that have not been launched or in the market will qualify to be presented at our pitches.
Cards ATM & Mobile Expo Africa Exhibition continues its tradition of showcasing the most exciting developments in the payment sector. With a variety of new innovative technologies, it has never been more important to keep pace with industry developments. With banks, cards scheme and newer entrants all vying their place at the centre of the ecosystem. This mustattend event will provide insightful takeaways from the industry.

Why attend:
– Hear about new technologies which could transform your business
– Meet with industry pioneers to discuss how they see the sector advancing
– Learn about how new entrants plan to grow their market share
– Network with major players and see what your competitors are working on