In order to encourage public safety and health by offering community and family access to designated occupants’ information, Jackson County has developed this provision of ‘Incarceration Searches,’ in accordance with the purpose and the purpose of the Missouri Open Records Act (Chapter 610, RSM). Through approving and opening the archive with these “Terms of Use / Disclosures,” any user agrees that the material stored in the database, including images, does not represent “arrest documents,” which are constitutionally required to be accessed.

About Jackson county jail

The Correctional Centre of Jackson County is a facility run by the Government of Jackson County. It is an entity that for a number of purposes houses many inhabitants. The people staying at the grounds are known as prisoners. The Sheriff of Jackson County had no interest in the service of the Detention Centre in Jackson County jail. No documents are produced or kept by the Jackson County Sheriff. The Jackson County Sheriff does not keep records. The records collected for the purpose of inmate management and administration of the Jackson County Detention Centre was derived from the Jackson County Detention Facility. Data from this archive.

No law enforcement agency has accessed the information found in this report. The details in this “detention search feature” did not appear and does not form part, as described in the Missouri Open Records Act (Chapter 610 RSMo) of any “arrest report” and “incident report,” generated by a law enforcement agency. There is no ‘booking’ feature and no ‘booking’ logs are kept at the Jackson County jail . The detention organisation that makes an arrest shall produce arrest documents, including but not limited to arrest notes, incident reports, booking details and arrest photos. No detainee has given permission for any commercial or other use of his / her image or other material. There is no indication from the Jackson County Detention Center that any person who receives the data from this prison search tool is allowed, for whatever intent or reason, to use any content, such as images, stored inside.