The Missouri inmate records comprise official data about anyone serving time at correctional facilities in the State of Missouri. These centers keep personal offender data, including the first and last names, aliases, date of birth, gender, race, and mug shots. Plus, they have offender administrative details like the inmate’s arrest records, booking details, transfer, and release information. Most of this information is available to public scrutiny for a transparent correctional system in Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC)

The Missouri Department of Corrections is in charge of Missouri’s Correctional System. Here, the department runs the following state prisons (also known as correctional centers): –

  • 22 Adult correctional centers
  • 59 probation and parole facilities
  • 8 release/community supervision centers
  • County jails
  • City Jails
  • Juvenile detention centers

The county jails serve as holding facilities under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office. Likewise, the city jails are temporary holding centers for various police departments in Missouri texas detainee locator.

MODOC employs 11,000 staff to supervise the 27,000 incarcerated persons in the 20 correctional institutions and another 62,000 persons on probation and parole. At least 96% of these offenders go back to Missouri towns and cities upon their release. Hence, the department aims to rehabilitate, treat, and educate the offenders for a smooth re-entry into society and foster safer communities.

1.    The MDOC Offender Web Search Tool

The Missouri Department of Corrections has an Offender Web Search Tool at its official website. Here, the public can search for friends or loved ones held at any Missouri detention center. The inmates include current offenders, probationers, and parolees and exclude past offenders or certain inmates whose disclosure of their whereabouts may raise safety, confidentiality, or security concerns.

The Purpose

The MODOC Offender Web Search Tool aims at promoting the welfare and public safety of communities in Missouri. It does this by allowing the public unlimited free access to up-to-date offender data for persons awaiting or serving their sentences in correctional facilities under MODOC’s supervision. This objective is in line with the Missouri Sunshine Law (Chapter 610 RSMo).

Limitations of the MODOC Offender Web Search Tool

The MODOC Offender Web Search Tool gives general search results about the inmates. Anyone with a specific query about the inmate should get in touch with a parole field officer, a probation officer, or the relevant institutional caseworker. Or, members of the public may query the search results through the DOC Constituent Services Office.

Using MODOC Offender Web Search Tool

Step 1: Entering the Security Code

When you visit the Missouri Offender Web Search page, you have to enter the security code as it appears on the screen. The verification code will grant you access to the query page.

Step 2: Entering the Selection Criteria

The public can search for inmate details on the search query page using the Doc ID or the inmate’s first name and last name.  Click the “SEARCH” button to proceed to the offender record results.

Step 3: Analyzing the Offender Records Results

The search results consist of details relating to the DOC ID, last name, first name, DOB, race, height, weight and sex. Further, there is a link on the DOC ID that provides the following inmate details: –

  • DOC ID
  • Offender Name
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Height/Weight
  • Hair/Eyes
  • Assigned Location
  • Address
  • Sentence Summary
  • Active Offenses
  • Completed Offenses
  • Aliases

Validity of the Results from the Offender Web Search Tool

For accurate results, MODOC updates the inmate records regularly. Still, this inmate information may change quickly as new offenders enter the prison system while others are transferred or released from the system. Also, some inmate records are excluded from the search results at MODOC’s discretion, Departments of Corrections, law enforcement agencies, or other states. Hence, the search results may not always reflect the actual status or whereabouts of the said offender. Accordingly, MODOC advises the public to be prudent when using search results. MODOC will assume no responsibility or legal liability for the search results’ usefulness, completeness, or accuracy.

Misuse of the Missouri Inmate Search

Members of the public shall not use any search results to intimidate, threaten, or harass anyone. Such misuse of the inmate details may result in civil liability or criminal prosecution.

2.    Online Inmate Locators

Next, some county and city jails in Missouri have an online inmate locator or roster at the Sheriff’s Office or the Police Department’s official web page, respectively. Here, the Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, or department of corrections publishes a list of the inmates currently held at their correctional facilities.

3.    Direct Inquiry

In instances where the inmate details are missing, even after searching using the MODOC Offender Web Search page or the online inmate locator tool, public members should contact the prison or jail officers directly. A list of all the detention centers and their addresses and phone numbers is available at the Missouri Department of Corrections’ official website. Call the number and ask about the booking details or whereabouts of the incarcerated person.